Web Console

Optimization Server web-console is a client that interacts with the Master API via a web interface.

Before learning about the web-console, you should have read the Basics, Master and Workers documentation.

The main features of the web-console are :

  • A job creation form that allows to send jobs to be solved by the workers.
  • A monitoring tool that displays information about the job executions.
  • A detailed job information page, useful to get information about the full job execution.
  • A view showing, for a given job flow, the status and logs of the jobs of the flow.


As a general remark: if the master is not reachable by the web console, a red banner is displayed, like in the screenshot below. If it happens, check the deployment configuration.

Let us note that the web console is not compatible (yet) with a deployment in High Availability (HA) mode (with redundant masters). Indeed, in HA mode, the web console(s) would have to be manually refreshed (by reloading the web page) to be up to date.